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August       September     October
Zodiac: Virgo     August 22 - Sept. 22      Flower: Morning Glory     Birthstone: Sapphire

September, originally the seventh month of the year, was named from the Latin word, Septem, meaning "seven." Because it is a harvest time in many parts of the world, September is oftena month of fairs, exhibitions, and ritualistic celebrations.

Library Card Sign-Up Month
Cholesterol Education Month
Children's Good Manner's Month
Children's Eye Health and Safety Month
Maps, Globes & Geography Titles Month
First Day of School - September 4, 2018
National Hispanic Heritage Month (9/15-10/15)

D.A.R.E. launched in 1983.

Speed record of 1,817 miles per hour achieved by a U.S. Air Force jet.

London 1665, Bubonic plague spread from parish to parish until thousands had died. In 1666, the Great Fire destroyed much of the centre of London, but also killed off most of the black rats and fleas that carried the plague bacillus, also known as Black Death.

3 The greatest and most destructive war in history, World War II, started on this day in 1939. Ended in 1945'

Labor Day  The IRC, TPC, and CLP will be closed. [2018-19]
Los Angeles, California founded 1781.

Electric lighting power made available to customers, 1882.

Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter, died after being struck in the chest by a stingray barb while filming off the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia, 2006.

First day of school [SY 2018-19]

Crazy Horse (tashunca-Uitzo), American Indian leader, died 1877.

Jesse James, (Downloadables) American outlaw who staged the first train robbery on July 21, 1873, born 1847.  [d. April 3, 1882]

Baltic States independence recognized.

First video recording on magnetic tape, 1958.


Italy's surrender in WWII announced 1943.

International Literacy Day - Highlight the importance of reading, particulary from a multicultural, international perspective.

Japanese Peace Treaty signed by 49 nations in San Francisco, 1951.

Seizure of Warsaw, Poland begun by Nazi forces in WWII, 1939.

California became the 31st state (settled in 1769), 1850.

The name of "United States of America" adopted 1776.

National Grandparents Day [2018]

National Arts in Education Week (9-15) [SY 2018-19]

10  World Suicide Prevention Day  [2018]   FACTOID: "Every 17 minutes someone in America commits suicide, and for every completed suicide, there are approximately 25 attempts." Source

National Suicide Prevention Week (10-16)  [SY 2018-19]

Rosh Hashanah  
begins at sundown [SY 2018]

911 Day (teaching children about emergency 911)

Patriot Day - National Day of Remembrance   FACTOID: All Americans to display the flag at half-staff from their homes & businesses and to observe a moment of silence beginning at 8:46 a.m. eastern daylight time to honor the innocent victims who lost their lives as a result of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Terrorist hijacked two planes and crashed them into the World Trade Center in New York City, another plane into the Pentagon and a fourth plane crashed in Pennsylvania. 2,830 people perished.  FACTOID: The U.S. is on a manhunt for Osama bin Laden and the al Qaeda network, the masterminds behind this attack and many others. [2001]

U.S. Department of War founded 1789.

Henry Hudson, discovered Manhattan Island, 1609.

12  Jesse Owens, U.S. track star who became first individual to win 4 gold medals on August 9, 1936; born 1913.
13  Milton Hershey, founder of Hershey Candy Co., born 1857.

Roald Dahl, British author of Charlie and Chocolate Factory and James & Giant Peach, born 1916.

First light in a lighthouse in America lit, 1716.

John Steptoe, one of the first prolific authors to write and illustrate books specifically for black children, created urban landscapes in words and pictures, born 1950.

In 1814, the Star Spangled Banner, was composed by Francis Scott Key (August 1, 1779) during the bombardment of Fort McHenry (War of 1812).  FACTOID:  Accepted as U.S. National Anthem on March 3, 1931. Visitors to the National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C., can see the original flag of 1814 being restored. Visit for moreinformation.

15  William Howard Taft, 27th president (1909), born 1857.

Author Tomie DePaola born 1934.

Citizenship Day - Celebrate "I am an American Day" and the anniversary date of the Constitution being completed, signed, and approved, 1787.

Constitution Week (17th-23rd) [SY 2018-19]


The U.S. Capital is a symbol of Congress and our democratic government.  George Washington laid the cornerstone of Capitol Building, 1793.  (Site to visit

Samuel Johnson, English writer and Literary figure, born 1709.

Iron Horse transcontinental railroad began 1830.

Air Force
was founded, 1947.

19  Gettysburg Address delivered by President Lincoln, 1863.   Facts -

"Steamboat Willy" was the first animated cartoon produced by Walt Disney in 1928.

Yom Kippur [SY 2018]
20  Voyage Around the World begun by Ferdinand Magellan, Portuguese explorer, with 5 ships and 270 men, 1519. 

Hurricane Hugo (Streaming only) was a destructive Category 5 hurricane that struck South Carolina and North Carolina in September 1989, killing 82 people and leaving 56,000 homeless. FACTOID: The storm caused $10 billion in damages, making it the most damaging hurricane ever recorded up to that time. Hugo was itself surpassed by Hurricane Andrew three years later, which was eventually surpassed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

POW/MIA Recognition Day [SY 2018-19]

22  US Post office established 1789.

Iran & Iraq War started on this day in 1980.  FACTOID: This war was one of the greatest human tragedies of recent Middle Eastern history. Perhaps as many as a million people died, many more were wounded, and millions were made refugees under Saddam Hussein's regime. The war ended in August, 1988.

Neptune & Pluto accidentally discovered by two German astronomers, 1846. Other Planets: Earth  Jupiter  Mars  Mercury  Saturn  Uranus  Venus  

"Time capsule I", created for the 1939 New York World's Fair by the Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company is buried 50 feet below Flushing Meadows Park. FACTOID: "Time Capsule II", created for the 1964 New York World's Fair is 10 feet north of the 1938 one. Both are to be opened at the same time in 6939 AD, five thousand years after the first capsule was sealed. To learn more of contents inside the capsules, check out this website:

Fall begins, first day of Autumn

24 Writer Francis Scott Fitzgerald, born 1896. 

William Faulkner, American writer & winner of Nobel & Pulitzer prizes, born 1897.

Sandra Day O'Connor, first woman sworn in as U.S. supreme court justice, 1981.

Scientist report that the Ozone Layer is being destroyed, 1974.


T. S. Eliot, poet, critic, and playwright, born 1888.

Cement patented 1871.

Johnny Appleseed Day commemorates the birth of John Chapman, 1774-1845. FACTOID: Chapman was a nurseryman who introduced apple trees throughout the Northwest Territory.

27  Samuel Adams, American Revolutionary Patriot and signer of Declaration of Independence, born 1722.

Mark McGuire, baseball player, hit his 70th homerun of the 1998 season.
28  Media we have on "weather."

National Poetry Day

Native American Day [SY 2018-19]

Frisbee patented by Walter "Fred" Morrison, 1958.

Writer Truman Capote born 1924.

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