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Zodiac: Libra     Sep 23 - Oct 22      Flower: Marigold     Birthstone: Opal

When October changed from the eighth month to the tenth month in the revised calendar, the Romans wanted to rename it "Antonius" after a Roman Emperor, then "Faustinus" after his wife, and finally "Tactitus" after a Roman historian. However, the ancient Roman name, that came from the Latin word for "eight," prevailed.

Crime Prevention Month
Computer Learning Month
Dsylexia Awareness Month
International Dinosaur Month
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
National Bullying Prevention Month
Disability History & Awareness Month
Hispanic Heritage Month
(new poster available in the TPC.)


Model T introduced by Henry Ford, 1908.   FACTOID:  First Ford car wheeled out of brick barn by Henry Ford, in Detroit, Michigan, June 4, 1896.

William Boeing, American Aeronautics designer, born 1881.

The official start of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), 1958.

First World series baseball game, 1903.

James Earl Carter, 39th President (1977), born 1924.

National Child Health Day  [SY 2018-19]


Nat Turner, leader of slave revolt, born 1800.

King Richard III
, born in Fotheringhay, England, 1452. (streaming video)

Mahatma Gandhi, Indian leader and pacifist, born 1869, assassinated in New Delhi, India, January 30, 1948.


Thomas Wolfe, American author of "You Can't Go Home," born 1900.

Rutherford B. Hayes, 19th President (1877), born 1822.

Space Milestone: 1957, U.S.S.R. orbited the first artificial satellite, "Sputnik"

Frederick Remington, American artist of frontier life & horses, born 1861.
5 Chester A. Arthur, 21st President (1881), born 1830.

Gene Zion, Author of "Harry the Dirty Dog" born 1913.

Marian Jones, who won five medals at the 2000 Olmpics had to return them due to using performancing-enhancing drugs, 2008.
7 Virginia Farm to School Week (7-13) [SY 2018-19]
8 Celebrates the first sighting of the New World by Christopher Columbus      FACTOID: George Bush directed that the flag of the United States be displayed on all public buildings on the appointed day in honor of Christopher Columbus.

National 4-H Week (8-4)    [SY 2018-19]

National Fire Prevention Week (8-14)   [SY 2018-19]  

National School Lunch Week   (8-12)    [SY 2018-19]

Nat'l Educational Office Professionals Career Awareness Week (8-14) [SY 2018-19]

John Lennon, British singer and one of the well-known members of the Beatles, born 1940.

Leif Eriksson Day- FACTOID: Traveling across the Atlantic as the first Nordic to lead an expedition to North America, Leif Eriksson showed great courage in the face of danger. As the United States celebrates Leif Eriksson Day, we honor his historic voyage and give thanks for the many contributions of Nordic Americans to our Nation, and of our Nordic allies.

Anthrax (Streaming video), they were postmarked in Trenton, New Jersey, 2001.

The public was first admitted to the Washington Monument, 1888.


"The Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag" was written in 1892, officially sanctioned by U.S. Congress December 28th, 19

11 Eleanor Roosevelt, American humanitarian, born 1884.

A terrorist bomb attack against the USS Cole while refueling in Yemen left 17 sailors dead, 2000.

Former Vice President Al Gore and the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change are award the Nobel Peace Prize for their work educating the would about global warming, 2008. An Inconveinent Truth * A Global Warming     DVD #305007


U.S. Navy established, 1775.

Cornerstone of the White House laid by George Washington, 1792.


Dwight D. Eisenhower, 34th President (1953), born 1890.

William Penn, Quaker leader who endured hardships due to his religious beliefs and founder of Pennsylvania, 1682, born 1644.

Anti-Bullying Week (21-27) [SY 2018-19]

Celebrate Columbus Day  [SY 2019] / Indigenous Peoples' Day


America's Safe Schools Week  (15-19)     [SY 2018-19] (

World Education Games -
A three day online event with challenges in Math, Literacy, and Science from students all around the world.


Harpers Ferry, Virginia raided by Abolitionist John Brown, 1859.   FACTOID:  "I pity the poor in bondage that have none to help them; that is why I am here, not to gratify any personal animosity, revenge or vindictive spirit.

Oscar Wilde, Irish writer, born 1854.

National Dictionary Day - Noah Webster's (1758) FACTOID: Webster began to write his dictionary at the age of 43, it took him 27 years to finish it!


Charles Kraft, who developed processed cheese, born 1880.

The U.S. population has reached 300 million, 2008. FACTOID: The population reached 200 million in 1967, and 100 million in 1915.  In 2008, there are over 6.6 billion people in the world.


General Cornwallis surrendered in Yorktown, 1781.

The TPC will be closing at 4:00 p.m. [SY 2018-19]

21 National School Bus Safety Week   (21-27)     [SY 2018-19]
23 First plastic surgery operation performed, 1814.  

Pele, Brazilian soccer player, born 1940.
24 Anthony Van Lowuwenhoek, Dutch inventor of microscope, born 1632.

United Nations Day  FACTOID: Celebrating the organization's founding principles of freedom, democracy, and human rights, recognizing the contributions of the United Nations to improving lives around the world.

Security Assistants Day  [SY 2018-19]

Student Activities Coordinator Day [SY 2018-19]
25 Pablo Picasso, Spanish artist, born 1881.
26 After years of hard work, the Erie Canal between the Hudson River and Lake Erie opened, 1825. To find out more

Hillary Rodham Clinton (Streaming only), born 1947.
27 Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President (1901), born 1858.

Captain James Cook, English explorer of South Pacific, born 1728.

Navy Day
28 Jonas Salk who discovered the polio serum vaccine in 1955, born 1914.

Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin, 1793.

President Cleveland dedicated the Statue of Liberty in the New York Harbor, 1886.
29 Sir Walter Raleigh, charged with participating in a plot to oust King James I, executed in London, 1618.

Historic Stock market crash, 1929. (Also see what's available for stock market, Wall Street, and New York Stock Exchange.) Marked the beginning of the Great Depression.
30 Monsters:  Loch Ness, in Scotland, is the biggest lake in Great Britain - 24 miles wide, 975 feet at the deepest part. The head of "Lochness monster" was first seen, May 18, 1964.

Emily Post, an authority on etiquette, born 1873.

John Adams, 2nd President (1797), born in Quincy (Baintree), Massachusetts, 1735.

Orsen Wells, American actor, director, producer, born 1915. FACTOID: His dramatization of H. G. Wells' "War of the Worlds" radio broadcast on October 30, 1938 caused great panic. To here the broadcast, visit this site
31 Halloween  (National Magic Day since 1926) 

National UNICEF (United Nations Children's Funds) Day

Nevada became the 36th state (settled in 1849), 1864.

Mount Rushmore was completed with 60 ft. busts of Washington, Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt, and Lincoln, 1941. The project took 14 years to complete.
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