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This page is designed to correlate the IRC instructional media materials with the Virginia SOL. We have update all the courses to reflect the Board of Educations guidelines for the SOLs, and on the individual subject area pages the timetable is posted for when DOEs will update with revised content. DOE website (

Please be aware that the searches used may not be an exact match for the SOL. Preview media materials before use is still essential.

Please send suggestions for additional materials to

Virginia Standards of Learning

Select subject area and then grade level

Updated 11-2014

DOE Standards for 2009, next revision is in 2016.

Updated 11-2014

DOE Standards for 2010, next revision is in 2017.

Updated 11-2014

DOE Standards for 2008, next revision is in 2015.

Updated 11-2014

DOE Standards for 2010, next revision is in 2017.

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