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While maintaining strict adherence to the copyright law, the Instructional Resource Center makes copies of computer software and/or instructional materials on request. License agreements or proof of the right to duplicate materials, as well as the appropriate number of DVD-Rs must accompany requests along with a Duplication Request Form. Duplication Request Forms can be located on the left-hand side under IRC Forms.


Pinnacle Studio HD Ultimate Collection version 16 allows you to combine videos and analog camcorder recordings, add transitions and effects, titles, as well as music clips [*see NOTE] from the Soundzabound collection to create your own training sessions, DVDs, etc.

Please schedule an appointment by a phone call (757) 263-6850 or email to to edit your schools video content. This scheduled time will be reserved for you when we can offer support and guidance.

Most music is copyrighted and not permissible, written permission is required prior to including it in your video project. If you have questions, check out our Copyright Resources page.

Entries are now uploaded to the National Board website using the eportfolio system. If you need help to compile your clips (no editing of actual video clips) and/or transfer video from camera to format needed to upload, you can make an appointment with Cherie—No walk-ins please. Contact Cherie Dettore at (757) 263-6850 or by email



Instructional programs are taped off-air on request.

Please label all items with your school name. Include with your order a Duplication Request Form, located on the left-hand side under IRC Forms with the following information:
     Date(s) program airs
     Time(s) (Start and End Times)
     Rights to duplicate are included (Where applicable)
     Blank media required (DVD-Rs)

cd duplicator CD/DVD  DUPLICATION

Have a school presentation you would like duplicated or an end of year CD for your students? Our Microboards® duplicator duplicates up to 5 CDs/DVDs in one run. Most orders can be duplicated in a day or two. Contact Jackie Brown at (757) 263-6850 or for more information.

If this is not a program you created, written proof that duplication is allowed under copyright law must be provided along with Duplication Request Form, located on the left-hand side under IRC Forms, and the proper number of discs-either CD-R/DVD-R, cases/sleeves, and lablestock (Avery - matte finish).

If you are not using clips from the Soundzabound™ Royalty Free Music Library, written permission is required in order to duplicate any other music clips. Most music is copyright protected and not permissible to duplicate without prior permission.

Copyright Resources



The Instructional Resource Center (IRC) has purchased a life-time license to a music library from Soundzabound™ containing six volumes of audio files in .wav and MP3 formats.

These may be downloaded and used in student and teachers presentations. They may also be incorporated into CDs and DVDs of athletic events, graduations, morning announcements, etc. They may be included even if these are sold.

The license allows students to carry a finished project to other grade levels and beyond for use in promoting their further education and careers. Rights were given to all VBCPS employees and students.

How do you access these files?
We now have a district account for the SoundzAbound audio files. Rather than searching through the title lists on the server you may now log in at using the username and password you get from your LMS or the Instructional Resource Center (IRC).

Users will see only the files we have purchased. There are no limits to simultaneous users.

Benefits to accessing the files via the web include:

  • Searching the files on the web should be much easier
    • Files are indexed using multiple descriptors.
    • Searching and downloading from the same location.
  • Home access
  • Usage reports at the district level
  • Online Tutorials
    • Click on Community (top bar),
    • Click on Licensed Users and Guests Area (center, 1st one)
    • Click on Tutorials in (orange middle one in the center)
      • Getting Started with
      • Finding a Track by Browsing Categories
      • Narrowing Category Searches
      • Others
Then you can import to a presentation without fear of violating copyright.

Soundzabound Volumes available: Volumes 1-6, Sound Effects - Animal Soundz, Background Soundz, Production Soundz, Scary Soundz, Sports Soundz.

NOTE: When crediting Soundzabound in your presentations, please show as:
Royalty Free Music by “Song Title”, Artist Name

Copyright Awareness For Students (
When students use copyrighted media without proper permissions, there's a mentality that "we won't get caught" or “I bought it legally, so I can use it…”. This video will give examples of lawsuits and licensing that we should pay attention to and ultimately migrate to a media permissions process.

Copyright Awareness for Administrators and Superintendents (
Are our teachers and staff modeling ethical behavior when using digital media?

If you have any questions, call the IRC at (757) 263-6850.

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