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March        April         May
Zodiac: Aries       March 21 - April 1     Flower: Sweet pea, Daisy     Birthstone: Diamond

April, as the 4th month of the year, originates from Aprilis, the Latin word meaning "to open."  The interpretation is thought to refer to the opening or budding of spring blossoms.

Cancer Control Month
Alcohol Awareness Month
National Automobile Month
Month of the Military Child
Child Abuse Prevention Month
Keep America Beautiful Month
National Autism Awareness Month
National Poetry Month (posters available in TPC)
Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month (Animal Care)
School Library Media Month (posters available in TPC)
Mathematics Education Month (posters available in TPC)
1 April Fool's Day

U.S. transfers control of Panama Canal Zone to Panama, 1982.

The ruins of Pompeii were discovered in 1748.

Pope John Paul II (Karol Josef Wojfyla, 1920-2005) dies at the age of 84. His body is buried in the crypt underneath St. Peter's Basilica. FACTOID: Elected the 264th leader of the Roman Catholic Church in 1978, at age 58. The first non-Italian to assume the papacy in 455 years, he took the name John Paul, following the lead of his predecessor, Pope John Paul I, who died after just 33 days as pontiff. In 2003, John Paul II marked the 25th year of his papacy.

Hans Christian Andersen, born 1805. (d. Aug 4, 1875) Danish author and poet most famous for his fairy tales.

International Children's Book Day - to help young children develop an understanding of other cultures through literature.


Washington Irving, born, 1783.  FACTOID: The first American author to achieve international renown, created the fictional characters Rip Van Winkle and Ichabod Crane. The critical acceptance and enduring popularity of Irving's tales involving these characters proved the effectiveness of the short story as an American literary form. 

First Pony Express service began, 1860.


NATO - (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) signed on this day, 1949. FACTOID: An alliance of 26 countries from North America and Europe whose fundamental role is to safeguard the freedom and security of its member countries by political and military means. NATO is playing an increasingly important role in crisis management and peacekeeping.

5 Pocahontas, daughter of the Chief of the Powhatan Indians, marries English tobacco farmer John Rolfe in Jamestown, VA, 1614.

Booker T. Washington, American educator born, 1856.  FACTOID: In 1879, became an instructor at Hampton Institute. The school was so successful that in 1881 the founder of Hampton Institute, the American educator Samuel Chapman Armstrong, appointed Washington organizer and principal of a black normal school in Tuskegee, Alabama (now Tuskegee University). Washington made the institution into a major center for industrial and agricultural training and in the process became a well-known public speaker.  

Robert Smalls, American slave hero who escaped to freedom and later was elected congressman, born 1839. 

General Colin Powell, born 1937.  FACTOID: He served as a soldier for 35 years, rising to rank of 4-Star General and later being sworn in on January 20, 2001, as Secretary of State by President George W. Bush.

North Pole reached in 1909 by Robert E. Perry and Matthew Henson after trying for 23 years.   

Italian Renaissance painter Raphael, born 1483.

U.S. entered WWI against Germany, 1914.

7 Poet William Wordsworth, born 1770.

World Health Day

National Week of the Ocean (7-13) [SY 2018-19]

National Library Week  (7-13) [SY 2018-19]

General Robert E. Lee surrenders his rebel forces to the Union General Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Courthouse, Virginia ending the Civil War, 1865.


F. Scott Fitzgerald publishes, The Great Gatsby in 1925.

Encourage a Young Writer Day [SY 2018-19]

11 D. A. R. E.  Recognition Day (Drug Abuse Resistance Education launched in 1983.) [SY 2018-19]

Civil War began as Confederate forces fired on Fort Sumter, 1861.

American Statesman Henry Clay, "The Great Compromiser," proponent of the Missouri Compromise, born 1777.

Yuri Gagarin, Russian Astronaut, first person to travel in space, 1961.

Beverly Cleary, author of over 30 well loved chilren's books which portray her characters as normal children facing the same challenges that every child faces growing up, born 1916.

The IRC, TPC, and CLP will be CLOSED 4/12-4/21 for Spring Break [SY 2018-19]


Thomas Jefferson, 3rd president (1801), born 1743. (d. 1826)   FACTOID:  The Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. was dedicated in 1943; 200 years later.  Website: Jefferson Memorial

Tiger Woods, golfer, wins the prestigious Masters Tournament by a record of 12 strokes, at the age of 21.

The IRC, TPC, and CLP will be CLOSED 4/12-4/21 for Spring Break [SY 2018-19]


First edition of Noah's Webster's dictionary published, 1828.

National Young People's Poetry Week  (14-20) [SY 2018-19]

National Bicycle Safety Week (14-20) [SY 2018-19] commemorates Wilbur Wright's birthday (1867) of the Wright Brother's. Today is Wright Brother's Day.

The IRC, TPC, and CLP will be CLOSED 4/12-4/21 for Spring Break [SY 2018-19]


Insulin becomes generally available for people suffering with diabetes, 1923.
RMS Titanic sank on her maiden voyage, after hitting an iceberg the day before, 1912. 1,500 lives were lost.

Abe Lincoln died of a gunshot wound he received while attending Ford Theatre the day before, shot by John Wilkes Boot , 1865.  FACTOID: Wilkes was one of six who plotted the murder of Lincoln and two others and the only one who carried through his part of the plan, the others didn't but were still tried and convicted - including a woman, who was hanged for her part.

Leonardo da Vinci, Italian Renaissance artist & scientist, born, 1452.  FACTOID: Pioneer in modern anatomy, inventor of parachute & helicopter, architect, engineer, scientist, and the man who used steam before Watt & who knew before Copernicus that the sun stood still. One of his famous paintings is the "The Last Supper."

Federal Income Taxes due.

National Student Leadership Week (15-21) [SY 2018-19]

The IRC, TPC, and CLP will be CLOSED 4/12-4/21 for Spring Break [SY 2018-19]


The IRC, TPC, and CLP will be CLOSED 4/12-4/21 for Spring Break [SY 2018-19]


Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba by U.S. based anti-Castro Cuban rebels, 1961. 

Verranzano Day - Celebrates the discovery of New York Harbor by Giovanni da Verrazano, 1524.

The IRC, TPC, and CLP will be CLOSED 4/12-4/21 for Spring Break [SY 2018-19]


Historical San Francisco 8.25 earthquake and fire occurred at 5:15 a.m., leaving 500 dead and a quarter million people homeless, 1906.

Paul Revere's Famous Ride - "The British are coming!", 1775.   FACTOID: Sent by Dr. Joseph Warren to warn Samuel Adams and John Hancock that British Troops were coming to arrest them.

The IRC, TPC, and CLP will be CLOSED 4/12-4/21 for Spring Break [SY 2018-19]

19 Battle of Lexington & Concord, the start of American Revolutionary War in 1775.  FACTOID: Eight years later in 1783, on this same date, Congress announced the end of the war.

Sally Ride, chosen by NASA to be first woman astronaut, 1982.

The Oklahoma City bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, killing 168 people and injuring 490 occured on this day in 1995. FACTOID: Timothy McVeigh (executed 08-14-1997) and Terry Nichols (life in prison, June 11, 2001) were captured.

Good Friday [SY 2018-19]

Passover ends April 27th [SY 2018-19]

The IRC, TPC, and CLP will be CLOSED 4/12-4/21 for Spring Break [SY 2018-19]
20 Two teenage gunmen, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, went on a shooting spree killing 13 people and wounding 23 before killing themselves at Columbine High School, 1999.

Danica Patrick, race car driver, becomes the first woman to ever win an Indy 500 Race, 2008. (Japan)

The IRC, TPC, and CLP will be CLOSED 4/12-4/21 for Spring Break [SY 2018-19]
21 Queen Elizabeth II, born 1926.  FACTOID: King King George VI of Great Britain died and was succeeded by his daughter on February 6, 1952.  FACTOID:  The Queen Mum died March 20, 2002 at the age of 101.  

Spanish American War began, 1898.

Easter [SY 2018-19]
Charlotte Bronte, half of the English novelists' Bronte Sisters, born 1816. 

Thousands of students begin to protest their discontentment with China's authorative Communist government in Tiananmen Square, 1989. They were released 5/10/1990.

National Playground Safety Week (21-27) [SY 2018-19]

Earth Day U.S.A.- To acknowledge our responsibility for the environment and to make a stronger commitment to take action for the coming year.

Vladimir Lenin, Russian Revolutionary, born 1870.

Oklahoma Territory opened to homesteaders in American land rush, 1889.

Administrative Professionals Week - Secretaries Week (22-28) [SY 2018-19]


William Shakespeare - English poet & dramatist, born on this date in 1564; he died on his 52nd birthday in 1616.

James Buchanan, 15th President (1857), born 1791.

Public School Volunteer Week (23-27) [SY 2018-19]


Library of Congress established in Washington, D.C., 1800.

The IBM personal computer is introduced, 1981.

Holocaust Remembrance Day - FACTOID:  Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) was appointed Chancellor of Germany January 30, 1933. On April 29, 1945, he committed suicide as allied troops closed in on Germany. His biography is titled, "Mein Kampf" (My Struggle). FACTOID: The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is a permanent living memorial to the victims.


Automobiles   FACTOID:  First license plates were issued by the state of New York in 1901. Exactly 954 cars were registered, each license plate carried the initials of the owner.

Hubble Telescope deployed into space, 1990.

Administrative Professionals Day  [SY 2018-19]

National Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day [SY 2018-19]


Great plague began in London, 1665.

John James Audubon, famous American artist and Ornithologist, born 1785.
The world's worst nuclear disaster occurred at the Chernobyl power station in the Soviet Union, 1986.   FACTOID: An estimated 5,000 soviet citizen eventually died from cancer related deaths. In 2000, the reactors were shut down.

National Arbor Day - Plant and care for a tree. [SY 2018-19]


Ulysses S. (Simpson) Grant, 18th President (1869), born 1822.

Samuel F. B. Morse, inventor of telegraph and morse code, born 1791.


Maryland became the 7th state (settled in 1634), 1788. FACTOID: Was one of the original 13 colonies.

James Monroe, 5th President (1817), born 1758.

29 Emperor Hirohito of Japan, born 1901.

National screen free week (April 29 - May 5)   [SY 2018-19] (formerly TV Turnoff Week)
30 National Honesty Day - Commemorates George Washington's inauguration as first president, 1789.

Louisiana became the 18th state (settled in 1699), 1812. FACTOID: On April 30, 1803, President Thomas Jefferson bought Louisiana Territory from France, then ruled by Napoleon, thus concluding the largest real estate transaction in history: The Louisiana Purchase.
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